Informative workshops with the possibility of free attendance

informative workshops

6th Dairy & Production Conference

At the same time as the exhibition, informative workshops will be held with the possibility of free attendance by visitors and exhibitors. The purpose of the conferences will be to provide thorough and comprehensive information on current issues of technology, production, legislation, international market trends, while research related to the Greek consumer will be presented. Also, subjects focused on livestock breeding and dairy production in our country will be analysed by expert scientists.

Issues related to the organisation of exports, favourable markets for further expansion as well as the demand for Greek products abroad will be at the centre of the discussions.

The workshops will be held in the context of the 6th Dairy & Cheese Production Conference, which is being held in collaboration with ELGO – DIMITRA and the Hellenic Dairy Institute of Ioannina.

A traditional family cheese production unit in simulation

Presentation of a Traditional Cheese Production Unit

At DAIRY EXPO 2022, as in every event, a traditional family cheese production unit will be presented in a simulation, which will operate in real time and make cheese during the full length of the exhibition. The specific concept will also present the integrated and intelligent solutions offered by professional equipment suppliers to small family farms so that they can make their own milk. An original idea that has received response in previous events.

Organoleptic Evaluation in collaboration with the American College of Agriculture

4th Greek Cheese Contest

The 4th Greek cheese contest will be held at the 6th DAIRY EXPO.Exhibitors will have the opportunity to participate with their products and be evaluated by the jury made up of expert scientists. In a process, in which the producer’s name will not be mentioned, the cheese products of the exhibitors will be graded and evaluated by panels of scientists specialising in dairy and cheese products. The purpose of the competition is to highlight the quality of products available in the Greek cheese industry.

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Combined Exhibition Units

The 6th exhibition DAIRY EXPO 2022 will be held in conjunction with the 2 exhibition sections of MEAT & GRILL DAYS and FROZEN FOOD.

  • MEAT & GRILL DAYS is the only sectorial exhibition that takes place in Greece and concerns meat and its products, processing machinery and food service. It is aimed at meat industries and laboratories, butcher shops, mass catering and every professional who deals with meat, the ultimate protagonist in nutrition.
  • FROZEN FOOD is about frozen foods, from the entire food chain (fruits, vegetables, seafood, dough, etc.). It provides solutions for industrial cooling, cold rooms and frozen packaging, essential “tools” in industry and the processing of agricultural and livestock products, but also in food processing in general.
  • The puzzle of these exhibition sections is completed by the food and beverage supply chain with the special section of FOOD LOGISTICS. This section,, which was included for the first time in the 2018 exhibition, offers a multitude of solutions to merchants, producers and distribution networks for the best service and handling of orders in Greece and abroad. Storage and refrigerated Logistics services, food transport, refrigerated warehouse equipment, information systems for controlling and recording temperature & humidity, as well as commercial vehicles for transportation under cooling/freezing conditions, will be presented. This
    section will be hosted in Hall 3, at the “SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS exhibition.

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Highlights from the 2018 Dairy Expo

photo gallery

Highlights from the 2016 Dairy Expo